Daisy Chat Transcript: Maxim Online, December 1999

Maxim Online Presents: Daisy Fuentes - December 1999

Maximmag.com: Gentleman and gentleman, Daisy Fuentes.

Daisy Fuentes: Hi, guys.

Maximmag.com: Who would win in a one-on-one fight with Calista Flockhart?
Daisy Fuentes: For Godís sake, are you serious? You know I would so whip her assÖher skinny little ass.
Maximmag.com: Would you mud wrestle with her?
Daisy Fuentes: It depends on what the offer is. Iím sure weíll both entertain a reasonable offer.

Rfowler: How long were you on MTV and what years?
Daisy Fuentes: I started in 98 with MTV international. Shortly after that I did English and Spanish. I was on for 7-8 years.

Vince371: Do you miss VJíing on MTV?
Daisy Fuentes: It was a great gig. I had a lot of fun. I miss the people and the fun. But Iím moviní on to bigger and better things.

Durst: Are you going to be making an appearance in Minnesota any time soon?
Daisy Fuentes: UmmmmÖNot that I know of. But, hey, you never know.

Kattart: Have you ever eaten anything on a dare?
Daisy Fuentes: (laughs) No.
Maximmag.com: What the craziest dare you ever been given?
Daisy Fuentes: I donít take many dares. I do it for fun. It doesnít take much.

Kieran: So, Daisy, do you really think any of those videoís are funny?
Daisy Fuentes: Not all of them, but a lot of them crack me up. I like silly, harmless humor. When we were taping the show, they didnít let me see the videos.

Maximmag.com:Whatís your favorite video?
Daisy Fuentes: When a mom and a daughter were playing a joke on their showering father. They dropped a toy in the shower and the guy ran out buck naked.
Maximmag.com: Lucky you.
Daisy Fuentes: Not really.

The pirate: What style of underwear do you prefer most?
Daisy Fuentes: On men or women?
Maximmag.com: Yourself.
Daisy Fuentes: Thongs. Gucci thongs.
Maximmag.com: And men?
Daisy Fuentes: Boxers.

Ecastro: Who would win in a fight between you and Jennifer Lopez?
Daisy Fuentes: Hmmm, thatís tough. Iíd win.
Maximmag.com: Of course.
Daisy Fuentes: Sheís tough, but Iím taller. (laughs)

Kattart: Daisy, what is the greatest quantity of cheese youíve ever consumed in one sitting?
Daisy Fuentes: How does he know I like cheese?
Maximmag.com: We love cheese!
Daisy Fuentes: I love cheese. Iíve never measured, but I love cheese.
Maximmag.com:And we love you for it.
Daisy Fuentes: Iím convinced I was a rat in a past life.
Maximmag.com: What kind of cheese do you like?
Daisy Fuentes: Manchego is my fave. Swiss Ö all sorts.
Maximmag.com: How about Cheez Whiz?
Daisy Fuentes: Itíll work.

Sweeper: Daisy, if you could be an animal, what kind would it be?
Daisy Fuentes: Hmmm Ö I would be a scorpion. But I donít know why.
Maximmag.com: Oooh Ö theyíre cuddly.
Daisy Fuentes: People fear them and respect them at the same time.

Jimmy carter: Do you think it will rain?
Daisy Fuentes: I think thereís a 40% chance of really stupid questions.

Rfowler: What is your favorite beer? (Does not have to be Miller Lite)
Daisy Fuentes: Miller Light. I know where my bread is buttered.

Kattart: How about a fight between you and Gary Coleman?
Daisy Fuentes: (laughs hysterically)

Maximmag.com: What is your next project Daisy?
Daisy Fuentes: I have a movie coming out on TNT on Feb 11th called Shutter Speed.
Maximmag.com: Whatís it about?
Daisy Fuentes: Itís kinda action/drama. I get kidnapped and my manís a cop. I try to bring him together with his brother, and then get kidnapped.

Sheiffer: Who was your first crush?
Daisy Fuentes: My first and continuing crush is John Travolta.

Tnatural_2000: What junk food can you eat without stopping?
Daisy Fuentes: Hummm Ö I could have cheeseburgers everyday.
Maximmag.com: Mmm... cheese...
Daisy Fuentes: And pizza.

Heredetik: What is the best pickup line you have ever heard?
Daisy Fuentes: Itís a long one Ö I would crawl 10 miles on my hands and knees, on broken glass Ö just to suck the bolt off the cart that takes your panties to the cleaners.
Maximmag.com: Did it work?
Daisy Fuentes: I was intrigued for about a minute.

Ddaisy: Do you know just how beautiful you are?
Daisy Fuentes: No, please tell me. (laughs) Ohhh, thank you.

Maximmag.com: What is the worst pick-up line youíve ever heard?
Daisy Fuentes: Youíre name must be Daisy because I have the urge to plant you right here!

Líil Mikey: What is your secret to staying thin?
Daisy Fuentes: I really donít think about it that much. Iíve never really been that thin. Iím really athletic and I donít think about it much.

Gmandesign: Daisy, did Bob Saget ever call you begging for his job back?
Daisy Fuentes: (Laughs) No, I never met the guy.
Maximmag.com:Youíve never met Bob Saget?
Daisy Fuentes: Is that a bad thing? (laughs)

Gmandesign: Did you enjoy filming in Canada? Have you seen other cities than Vancouver?
Daisy Fuentes: While I was there I went up to Whistler and thought it was beautiful. I saw a big black bear, which was the most exciting part of my trip.

Maximmag.com: Diamond 9 wants you to know that he loves you.
Daisy Fuentes: That means a lot to me. I can feel the love.

BobSagetFan: Have you ever had an impure thought about Bob Saget?
Daisy Fuentes: Yes, I have actually. Now that you mention it (dripping in sarcasm)

S2k: Tell Daisy iíd be her love slave.
Daisy Fuentes: I love when that happens.

Eli: Do you still do any Spanish TV shows?
Daisy Fuentes: Not regularly. I donít have anything going.

Maximmag.com: Do you like Ricky Martin?
Daisy Fuentes: Yes, I do. But my favorite singer is Robbie Williams.

Maximmag.com: You like thongs, right?
Daisy Fuentes: I like wearing nothing, but when I have to, I wear thongs.

Kieran: Have you ever been with another woman or tell us your closest experience to that!
Daisy Fuentes: Well, Iíd have to say Ö no, I havenít been with another woman. But the closes thing was when I was in a trailer with Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen. I thought that if I were gay, this would be my fantasy.

Il mostro: Does Daisy like men with foot fetishes?
Daisy Fuentes: Not really, but I know tons of men have them.

Arnold t. pants: Were you a big Menudo fan when you were a kid?
Daisy Fuentes: Not at all. No way.

Jesse: What size feet do you have?
Daisy Fuentes: Nine.

TheSheppy: Where is the strangest place you have had sex?
Daisy Fuentes: In a private plane.
Maximmag.com: Damn.
Daisy Fuentes: I guess itís not really strange, but it makes me a member of the mile high club.

Sky High: If you had to listen to only one CD for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Daisy Fuentes: Robbie Williamsí The Ego Has Landed. Or anything by Olí Blue Eyes. Mr. Frank Sinatra.

Maximmag.com: How often do you floss?
Daisy Fuentes: I donít like flossing so I go in for cleaning much more often than your average person.
Maximmag.com: How often?
Daisy Fuentes: Every couple months for a full cleaning.

Dodynski: Do you have a sister? Hook me up!
Daisy Fuentes: I have a sister, and sheís quite hot. Her nameís Roseanna and you can see her on my Web site daisyfuentes.com.
Maximmag.com: Is she single?
Daisy Fuentes: Yeah, but not for long.
Maximmag.com: Sheís on a discount?
Daisy Fuentes: Send your offers in. You better hurry.

Arthur: What is your sexual fantasy.
Daisy Fuentes: Ummm Ö God, I donít know. Itís too personal for you to know.

Rahzel: Do you watch wrestling? If so who is your favorite?
Daisy Fuentes: Not much, but the guy that starred in the TNT movie is Sting. Sting the wrestler, not that music guy.

CaptainHowdy: Maybe I showed up a little late, but when will you be appearing in Maxim?
Daisy Fuentes: When you guys ask me to be on next. I want to do it soon.

Sigma_Greg: Iím an Hispanic actor. Do you find it hard to land roles in Hollywood?
Daisy Fuentes: These days you can do anything and get credit for being Hispanic. Itís easier now than ever. We just have to take advantage of it.

S2K: What did you do for New Years?
Daisy Fuentes: I laid-low.
Daisy Fuentes: Hung out with family and friends in Miami.

Drokba: can we make clones of you?
Daisy Fuentes: Nothing beats the real thing, baby!

Arnold t. pants: I am a fat man. Somtimes I like to sit around and fondle my rolls Ö do you find this sexy?
Daisy Fuentes: (laughs) The fact that you even have the balls to ask that is sexy.

Llcoolb: If you were trapped on an island with someone else who would you want it to be?
Daisy Fuentes: Robbie Williams.
Maximmag.com: I see a theme here.
Daisy Fuentes: Iím a stalker.

Jsisgr8: How close have you come to being caught haveing sex?
Daisy Fuentes: (laughs) Not close at all. Iím really discreet.

Arnold t. pants:I got warts Ö you ever had warts?
Daisy Fuentes: (laughs like a madwoman) No, I hear you get those from kissing frogs.

Ballz4692: Can I have your phone number?
Daisy Fuentes: Yes, itís 867-5309 ó ask for Jenny.

Weakass007: If you are alone in your house, do you walk around naked, or what would you have on?
Daisy Fuentes: Yes I do on walk around naked occasionally and rather enjoy that.

Duane: Are you doing anything for dinner tonight?
Daisy Fuentes: I am having a little dinner, some wine. Youíre welcome to join.

S2k: Would you ever do Playboy?
Daisy Fuentes: Iíve never got a reasonable offer, but probably not.

Gangstarr: Will you stalk me?
Daisy Fuentes: Itís a possibility.
S2k: Why do you like that English fruitcake so much?
Daisy Fuentes: I want that guy off-line right now! No one can say anything bad about Robbie! No one!

Maximmag.com: Was it fun working on Telemundo?
Daisy Fuentes: I had fun doing everything Iíve ever done when it involves work.

With Style m/21: If you could offer some advice to someone looking to get started in acting, what would it be?
Daisy Fuentes: Just get started, even if itís local and small. Donít put it off. Get your foot in the door.

Jklmnop: Would a midget ever have a chance of dating normal girl like you?
Daisy Fuentes: What makes you think Iím so normal?

Kattart: If you absolutely had to, whoíd you rather ó Bob Dole or Randy Quaid?
Daisy Fuentes: (laughs) I would rather be hung upside down by my toenails.

Mag: When you worked for MTV, did you ever want to slap Pauly Shore?
Daisy Fuentes: So many times and one time I actually did.
Maximmag.com: You slapped the weasel? Good for you.
Daisy Fuentes: I think I probably did.

Hibeautiful: Whatís your favorite body part.
Daisy Fuentes: On a man itís the lower part of the stomach, right on the hip. Where itís like a V.

Wldncrzy14: Do you have any fetishes?
Daisy Fuentes: Not really.

Robstol: Iíve heard MTV is a hellhole to work at, is this true?
Daisy Fuentes: It is for many, but itís a cushy gig if youíre on camera.

The Golfer: Would you ever consider dating a policeman?
Daisy Fuentes: Of course. Why not? Iíd feel so protected. And heíd always have a gun in his pocket or be happy to see me.

Martin23: Say you were going away with a girl for the first time and you are just friends but want more, how do you break the tension and take the next step?
Daisy Fuentes: (thinking) Just go for it. Donít dilly dally and beat around the bush ó no pun intended.

Habs11: What is the largest penis that youíve ever seen?
Daisy Fuentes: (laughs) My search is still on-going.

Sheiffer: Got any tatoos?
Daisy Fuentes: Yes.
Maximmag.com: Where?
Daisy Fuentes: On my left ankle I have a scorpion. Iím going to get another one real soon.

Dark Angel: Does size really matter?
Daisy Fuentes: Yes!

Jklmnop: I am a twenty-something Russian computer programmer that was a former model in the Miami sceneóany chance of taking you to dinner some night?
Daisy Fuentes: Sure.
Maximmag.com: You know that Russians are rude.
Daisy Fuentes: No, they just sound that way. Especially the programmers. But anything with vodka is alright by me.

Maximmag.com: You have a Web site right?
Daisy Fuentes: daisyfuentes.com. I answer many E-mails every month. I also have an advice column.
Maximmag.com: You can get a @daisyfuentesmail.com address.
Daisy Fuentes: So ask me questions and Iíll help you out. Itís fun.

Nicole4eva: Do you like guys who like Star Wars?
Daisy Fuentes: No!!

Nicole4eva: Are the Olsen twins trolls?
Daisy Fuentes: I never quite thought about it. But theyíre trouble waiting to happen.
Maximmag.com: They live under bridges and eat goats.
Daisy Fuentes: Wait until they turn 18 and pose for Playboy.
Maximmag.com: We can wait.
Daisy Fuentes: Itíll happen as soon as they exit rehab.

Ericthej798: Would you ever date a Postal worker?
Daisy Fuentes: Only if he couldnít carry firearms.
Ballz4692: How about guys with long light sabers?
Daisy Fuentes: Oh, thatís no problem. No problem at all.

RopeWiz: How do you feel about breast enhancment?
Daisy Fuentes: For men or women?
Maximmag.com: Firstly, men.
Daisy Fuentes: Not for men at all! For women, if theyíre done right Ö and make the woman feel better thereís nothing wrong. Thereís nothing wrong with plastic surgery to enhance, not change.

Logan: Do you like to be spanked?
Daisy Fuentes: No, but I have been very, very naughty. Very naughty.

Kidahl2000: Have you ever toked up, you know Ö pulled a Bill Clinton?
Daisy Fuentes: Oh, Iíve tried it. But I donít do drugs of any sort. Iím as clean as can be.

Jesse: Do you like watching porno?
Daisy Fuentes: (laughs) I donít like watching anything Iím not in.

Robstol: Who would win in a fight? You or Rebecca Romijn-Stamos?
Daisy Fuentes: I would kick everybodyís ass. Stop with the fighting questions!
Maximmag.com: We like to imagine, DaisyÖ Itís one of our hobbies.
Daisy Fuentes: I will kick anyoneís ass!
Maximmag.com: Would you wrestle her in gravy?
Daisy Fuentes: If I had to mud wrestle, Iíd do it with Rebecca. Sheís the hottest.
Maximmag.com: You donít like gravy?
Daisy Fuentes: Gravy is gross Ö at least to wrestle in.

Thw: What do you have to drink when you go out dancing? (just in case I am at the bar)
Daisy Fuentes: (laughs) Louis 13th Congac, in case youíre at the bar.

Jay_98: Can you say "hi" to Jay Rushing so I can save it and brag about it to all my friends?
Daisy Fuentes: Hi Jay Rushing, How are you? (laughing)

Usna1: Do you think Maxim readers are psychotic, desparate guys?
Daisy Fuentes:(thinking hard)
Maximmag.com: Yes.
Daisy Fuentes: (still thinking)
Maximmag.com:We like it that way.
Daisy Fuentes: No, I wouldnít say that, theyíre just a little disturbed.You know, in a good way.

Biggie900: Would you ever date a firefighter?
Daisy Fuentes: (laughs) Only if they promise never to do a cheesy calander.

Jesse: Can I have your used panties?
Daisy Fuentes: Oh, thereís not enough money in the world!

Nicole4eva: Why does it hurt when I pee?
Daisy Fuentes: Umm Ö (laughs) It might have something to do with dirty, skanky hoes youíve been with. Itís just a guess.

Ericthej798: Do you ever go to strip clubs?
Daisy Fuentes: I have been, yes.

Sean David: You do prefer gentlemen dont you? The type that ask civil questions?
Daisy Fuentes: Without a doubt! Everbody poops!
Maximmag.com:Youíre so right, Daisy, EVERYBODY poops. Even our programmers.

Maximmag.com: Daisy has to jet, fellas. What are your upcoming projects?
Daisy Fuentes: Shutterspeed on TNT in February and more acting for this year. Iím not sure for TV or film, but keep an eye out.

Maximmag.com: Thanks for chatting with us today, Daisy.
Daisy Fuentes: Anytime guys. Iíve had a blast.
Maximmag.com: And log on next week at Maxim Chat for more poop talk.
Daisy Fuentes: (laughs) Bye, guys.

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