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It's January 2016...
Happy New Year everybody!
Posted on 01 Jan 2016 by Henry
It's December 2015...
Merry Christmas everybody (...if anybody is still visiting this site)

Last year was really busy for me. Life kind of got in the way and I pretty much let the site go by the wayside.

So last year...I flew to West Point for a graduation during the summer. Had a great time.

I tried to buy a house. I saw a lot of houses, but all I could afford was a condo. I'm a new homebuyer and it got pretty stressful for a little bit. Thanks to my VA loan (no PMI insurance and downpayment). Moving was a pain too. I hate that packing/unpacking business.
Also had a cancer scare. Turns out it was just a cyst. I hope that's all it is.

I had to take a class for work for a couple of months.  Work has been busy, but there are some things developing and I'm hoping I will still have a job in the new year. Hurt my back from all the user moves me and a coworker do every week. That slowed me down for a few weeks. Two guys have left already for greener pastures and we are still understaffed. I fixed so many laptops for friends and friends of friends. Also built a couple PCs.

Before all that, my web host had made some changes and moved folders around so I had to fix that and since then, I can't FTP to the site (still can't at the moment). Phone/Email/Chat support is practically non-existent. Their payment system still works though. I still get charged monthly. I've been debating on moving to a new host, but I don't know if I want to go through all the hassle.

Anyway. For the folks that still come here, my apologies for disappearing. Unfortunately, I've decided that I can't update the site quarterly any longer or at a regular frequency. Same goes for the newsletter. There just isn't anything new to post. I can't find any new pics and news articles like I used to. Plus I really don't have the time to be trolling the internet any longer. I will still update the site. It's just going to be when I have something new to post.

Posted on 25 Dec 2015 by Henry

Other News | 01 January 2016

Sorry, the newsletter is no longer being updated


Congrats to Daisy!

Did anybody see this coming?
Posted on 25 Dec 2015 by Henry
Daisy Launches Fall 2014 Intimate Apparel Collection...
"Daisy Fuentes Launches Fall 2014 Intimate Apparel Collection w/ Carrie Amber Intimates"

Source: mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

"...The Daisy Fuentes intimate apparel collection boasts a complete assortment of flirty and sexy bras, panties, and sleepwear. Featuring playful prints, vibrant and deep colors, subtle touches of bright hues, the feminine collection flatters a woman's natural shape and provides the ability to mix and match separates with it's modern basics. Whimsical and fashionable embellishments include Owl-print (which reminded us of the golden owl from Clash of the Titans), and Scottish Terrier-print pajama bottoms, pink and grey ombre-lace bra/panty, leopard-print corset, bras, panties and pajamas and stunning jewel-toned colors."

Read the full article [here].
Posted on 08 Feb 2014 by Henry
New Videos...
Daisy Launches Fall 2014 Intimate Apparel Collection

Posted on 08 Feb 2014 by Henry
Daisy Fuentes Is Single And Not Worried About Pursuing Love...
Pretty good article from Huffington Post.

"A while back, rumors were flying about a bitter split between Luis Miguel and Daisy Fuentes. Well, we can assure you that the gorgeous Ms. Daisy is doing just fine. In a recent interview, she assured her fans not to worry about her love life.

'I am never alone,' she told Siempre Mujer. 'There are always suitors around, but right now I am actually not in a serious relationship. I am not even pursuing it because love doesn’t come when you’re looking.'"

Read more [here]

by Michael Lopez
Source: huffingtonpost.com
Posted on 01 Jan 2014 by Henry
Daisy Fuentes brings Cuban Style to online fashion...
Found this cool article on Daisy...

"Daisy Fuentes is living the American dream, but with a flavor that comes straight from Havana. The Cuban born international television star, former MTV VJ and Latina model has come a long way. Her career began as the first Latin MTV host and Revlon spokes-model globally. Despite her fame and talents, Daisy leads a life that has very little personal time. She is busy with TV appearances, charity work, and having fun with online audiences."

Read more [here]

Posted on 01 Jan 2014 by Henry
New Videos...
Daisy on the "Bethenny" show - On Dating


Daisy on the "Bethenny" show - Business Advice


Daisy @ Kohl's - Dream Receipts 2013


Daisy on "HLN" - On Celebrity Image


Posted on 01 Jan 2014 by Henry

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